“I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this year's SASGOG meeting and feel incredibly empowered to be the academic OBGYN I think I always knew I wanted to be. Being with fellow residents and attendings who are just as passionate about resident education, research, leadership, and improving healthcare for women was a priceless experience. This meeting helped me recognize my strengths and interests, and how to direct those into my future career…….” 

-- 2018 Registered Reporter after attending the 2018 SASGOG Annual Meeting

The SASGOG Reporter Program is partially funded by an educational grant provided by generous donor partner and supported by the SASGOG membership. The SASGOG Reporter Program promotes connections between residents in training and the specialty of general OB/GYN. This unique program affords residents the opportunity to develop leadership skills and provides exposure to current topics in OB/GYN.

Selected residents will receive a stipend (variable) applicable towards travel, registration fees and hotel costs. Registration includes attendance at the SASGOG Annual Meeting, as well as the joint ACOG/SASGOG scientific session.  Both of these events are being held in conjunction with the ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting.

Qualified Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • PGY-3 or PGY-4 Obstetrics and Gynecology residents in good standing from an ACGME accredited U.S. or Canadian OB/GYN residency training program
  • Have shown a strong interest in the field of Academic General Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Available to attend both the 2018 SASGOG Annual Meeting and the joint ACOG/SASGOG scientific session

Application Requirements

  • Letter of support from Residency Program Director
  • Submission of CV/ Resume
  • Submission of a 250-word essay on the topic, “What do you see as the future role of the Academic Generalist in OBGYN?”

Responsibilities of the Resident Reporter

Resident reporters are matched with a SASGOG faculty mentor prior to the meeting. The mentor meets with the resident reporter at the meeting, providing support and suggestions during the program and mentoring the essays described below.

  • Resident reporters submit a 250–500 word essay related to the meeting’s theme. Each reporter may choose his or her own focus. The essay should be related to a lecture, breakout session or discussion from the SASGOG Annual Meeting that was meaningful to the reporter. Working with their SASGOG mentor, the resident reporter develops this essay and submits it to SASGOG no later than June 1 of the year in which the meeting is held.  All essays will be published on the SASGOG website.
  • Resident reporters also work with their SASGOG mentor to write a separate synopsis of research presented at the joint ACOG/SASGOG scientific session. This synopsis will include the reporter’s thoughts on how this research may impact his/her clinical care of patients.
  • Resident reporters are to provide an active social media presence through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. during the conferences. This will benefit both other residents who attend the meeting and those at their home institutions.

Activities During the Meeting

  • Pre-meeting with SASGOG Board members
  • Active participation in conference facilitation
  • Official introductions of the resident reporters during the lunch session of the SASGOG Annual      Meeting
  • A Networking Reception
  • A debriefing session held after the joint ACOG/SASGOG scientific meeting