SASGOG Statement on Meeting Conduct Expectations

SASGOG is a unique organization whose members bring vital skills to the practice of clinical medicine, the pursuit of scholarship and the provision of education in the field of women’s health. This document emphasizes SASGOG’s commitment to ensuring that our members act respectfully and with civility during our Annual Meeting, the social events we sponsor, and in the conduct of our professional lives. As role models for tomorrow’s leaders we hold ourselves to the highest standards of decorum. We aspire to be leaders who value fair treatment of others and have high regard for the differences that we each bring to this meeting and to our workplaces, as well as to the world that we share. 

Promoting excellence in faculty, students, residents, and staff means that we will not tolerate acts of bullying, discrimination or harassment of any kind. During our meeting please: 

· Carefully consider your speech and actions, to protect each other from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and language. 

· Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. 

· Remember that SASGOG’s core mission of educating a diverse workforce of tomorrow's leaders and scholars in comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology requires us to stand against those who fail to meet our standards and to support those who are subject to any form of abuse. 

If you are being harassed at this meeting, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have related concerns, please contact Nancy D. Gaba, our Civility Officer, or any member of the SASGOG staff or Board immediately. Staff can be identified by the orange ribbons on their meeting badge. 


We encourage our members to create and sustain safe and supportive environments in which we, along with our patients, learners, staff, and all who support the health and welfare of women, can be inspired and empowered to thrive.